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Single Family

Single Family Investors and Preservation

Securing Vacant Properties Will Cost You Thousands

(If Door Armor Is Not Protecting Them)

How Much Does Vandalism Really Cost?

So... You just spent $40,000 (or more) renovating your property when come back to see this...

Whether you are renting or flipping properties, a single vandalism on a property will cost you thousands of dollars and months of additional work.

You can secure more than 150 properties for the cost of just one break in...

Required by Fannie Mae and approved by HUD, Wells Fargo, US Bank and others as a reimbursable expense

$500 Lifetime guarantee against kick-in

Save money on vandalism (during renovation and turns) & improve tenant retention

Nearly invisible once installed and powder coated to match existing trim and hardware

Quick & easy to install in under 30 minutes

Less expensive and more effective than alternative means of securiing properties

Our Customers

equired for REO and pre-sale, per July 2017 guidelines​

Approved per March 2017 change notification​

Approved in areas that need additional security

Approved as an over allowable for re-securing properties​

NOTE:Several of our larger customers, including Fannie Mae and Wells Fargo have negotiated special discounts for their vendors. If you are doing work for a large customer, please contact your National Vendor for your discount information.

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Why Armor Concepts?
We know what you are going through. In 2004, we were renovating properties when we found out just how much vandalism costs.  Since then, we have made it our mission to protect families and properties.

We guarantee our products because we want you to know that we are in this with you. 

Save Up to 10% on insurance premiums!
Insurance companies are starting to offer discounts to investors that use Door Armor to secure their portfolios.Insurance companies understand that properly securing your properties will cost them, and you, a lot less in the long run. OSC Insurance is one company that is offering a discount of up to 10%. Ask your insurance company if they offer a similar discount or contact OSC to see if they can save you some money.  

How Can Armor Concepts Help Your Business?

Apartment owners, homeowners, and other single family rental owners all need protection. We promise that we will never cost you more than we save you.

We also have an affiliate Program where brokers, and others, can earn money by referring us to friends or other business associates.

Increase your profit and protect your properties with the best home security solutions available.


Q: Where else can I buy Door Armor?

A: While you won't be able to find the MINI or different colors, Door Armor is available on, and at Lowe's and Menards stores across the country.

Q: Can Contractors get reimbursed for using this?

A: Door Armor is required by Fannie Mae and is approved for use by Wells Fargo, US Bank, or HUD to secure their properties. You will be reimbursed according to their policy. In the unlikely event that you have any difficulty, please let us know and we will make sure you that you are taken care of.

Q: What if I service properties in Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii?

A: While we don't ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, if you live in one of these areas, please contact us for for ordering options and discounts available on

Q: Will it fit all of the doors on my house? 

A: We only show a few products on this page. We have solutions for every kind of door, including sliding glass doors. Look at the "Shop Now" section in the main menu to see our solutions for different kinds of doors.

Easy Installation

Door Armor is simple to install. The video below was done by a customer. If you want to see additional installation videos, please visit our Installation Page. Note: In this video, the installer pre-drills every hole. While that is recommended, Door Armor comes with self-tapping screws and does not require pre-drilling. Using an impact driver for your screws will also make installation easier. If you are installing the MINI kit, you simply replace two screws in each hinge, instead of installing the Hinge Shields.

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