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Customer Testimonial

Don't Take Our Word For It...

13 Years. Hundreds of Amazing Stories

Over the past 13 years, it has been our honor to protect the homes and investment properties of our customers. Nothing makes us feel better than the personal letters that we have received from customers, who came home to find footprints on their door or those who have heard kicking in the night and have remained safe inside. Police, investors, homeowners, single women, mothers and fathers. These are our customers. Listen to what they have to say...

Honest Testimonials

We are honored when people take the time to tell others about our products. This video was done by a security expert that purchased and tested Door Armor. This is an honest testimonial. He makes some suggestions at the end, which we took to heart and used to make a key improvement.

Ego has no place when your security is at stake. Customer suggestions and testing have led to many improvements over the past 13 years. They are the reason that our products are unlike anything on the market.

Security Expert Testimonial

This video was done by a security expert that purchased and tested Door Armor. This is an honest testimonial. He makes some suggestions at the end, which we took to heart and used to make a key improvement.

ITS Tactical Review on Armor Concepts

ITS Tactical reviews Armor Concepts and our product Door Armor. Throughout the video he explains why it works and what it actually does for your door.

Ultimate Door Security – Door Armor Installation Door Reinforcement Kit Review

Watch this great review on EZ Armor (Now Door Armor) and see how you can install, secure and reinforce your home and door.

Reinforce and Burglar Proof Your Entry Door by Home Repair Tutor

The Repair Tutor shows how you can keep the burglars out with Door Armor. Watch to see how you can install Door Armor.

Why I Chose Door Armor Part 1

One of our customers walks us through the decision making process of why he chose Door Armor.

Why I Chose Door Armor Part 2

The same customer walks us through his decision to buy Door Armor after the installation.

Door Armor Install by Harry Kirby

Dan Kirby gives a review and installation walk through with Door Armor. He also gives us a veiw tips to help other installers along the way.

We have more proof!

We have posted just a small number of the testimonials that we have received over the years. If you doubt the validity of any our testimonials, please view our demonstration videos page, where we show videos that skeptical news organizations and customers have sent in after they tested our products for themselves.

Featured Homeowner Testimonials

Michael K. (New Orleans) host of the “HomeTalk USA” Radio Show

A lot of products say they do one thing or another. This actually works… It’s inexpensive, easy to use and gives you real protection… Please tell me why someone would not want to use this product

David (OK)

The best home security possible is "ARMOR CONCEPTS" Jam Armor. Nothing else even comes close. The product is easy to install, even for someone with no previous experience. Their products can even be used on internal doors and safe rooms, if needed.

Deborah (Atlanta, GA)

As a Police Officer for 23 years I understand how important home security is. I cannot count the number of calls I responded to where the home had been broken into with entry gained by kicking in the door. Many times the alarm would still be going off when I arrived. However, the thief or thieves were long gone. I was there to take the report and had to sadly tell the victim that the odds of them getting their property back was slim to none. I am now retired however, as a single woman, security remains a priority with me... when I go to sleep at night I need to know I am safe. I went looking for something that would keep the bad guys out of my home. I found EZ Armor by Armor Concepts. I purchased the system and had it installed on my back door. All I can say is WOW. After it was installed I had the installer who weighed about 200 pounds kick the door. Then I had a friend who weighs about 275 pounds kick the door. He kicked that door until he was tired and it never budged. At that point I realized I had found the level of security I needed. I was so impressed that I became a dealer for the Armor Concepts product line. Now you can now get the protection you need at an affordable price. This is security that you cannot afford to be without…

Featured Multi-Family Testimonials

Allen (LA)

This is the only quality secure idea on the market thus far I have been impressed with. I have installed several of these units this year and the customers have been extremely satisfied with the product. They feel much safer and secure in their homes because of Armor Concepts Door Armor set-up.

Karen (Fayetteville, NC) Property Manager, Village Gate Apts.

My name is Karen Valenzuela and I am the Property Manager at Village Gate Apartments in Fayetteville North Carolina. After experiencing some recent issues with entry door break-ins that were causing significant problems for both our residents and maintenance teams as well as costing the property quite a bit of time/money in monthly repairs, we began to look into other ways to secure our apartments. After reading about the Door Armor kits online, I called Armor Concepts to get more information on their door security/reinforcement products. Subsequently, we purchased their Ultra Door Armor kit for all our units. This kit did not require us to remove any interior trim or door hardware and definitely adds protection to the entire door opening, including the hinge areas. The Door Armor installation is being completed by our on-site maintenance staff and combined with some additional measures taken on our property, we have had no further break-ins since installation began. Armor Concepts has been very informative and helpful throughout this process and based on my positive experience, I would definitely recommend this product and this companies services to other multi family communities that want to prevent or stop similar break-in concerns.

Joseph (Detroit, MI)

Detroit, MI is not the worst places to live, but there is no denying that we could do with less crime. I have owned an apartment building for 15 years now and I have seen pretty much more than one would want to, especially not being a police officer. There favorite is kicking in doors. I have replaced so many doors and frames that I could build a house with all the wasted lumber. A friend of mine introduced me to Door Armor and I have been hooked ever since. The only way criminals have been able to get inside one of my apartments now was prying the door down which they are always caught because it takes to long. I rented out more since the installations and some tenants are willing to pay more rent just so I can do installations on the whole building. This product has helped not only me but the people who trust my residence.