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Written Testimonials

Shanele Farmer of Alliance Residential Company (TX)
We tested the product today and it is AMAZING!! Thank you so much!!

Brent (Atlanta) (Lowe's Store Associate)
Just thought you should know, this cool story, promise to make it short and sweet. One of my customers from years gone by called me up and told me they had a breakin. The bad guys got away with 2 laptops, 2 42" LCD nTVs, and all credit cards. My installer went right out and told them of the Door Armor. They came right back to the store and bought 2 Door Armor Systems. When they came in my installer took the stock door out and installed the door and the Armor on top of it. Next day the SOS door came in and when my installer took it out with it's Door Armor he found the back door had about 8 to 9 foot prints all over the door where someone tried to get in that way AGAIN! Translation: someone is watching us when we install super good product! Door Armor is the Best! Tom (installer) tries to tell people about it every time he goes out to do a detail and I thought you all should know you got two people here on the team with that product.

Garcia (ND)
The very first Armor Concepts purchase I made was the Door Jamb Armor, the video that your site provided was instrumental in convincing me to make the purchase. Installation was not easy since I never installed a door before but video instructions are available on the net that I was able to not only install it but make it look professional. I was so impressed by your product that I also installed the Door Armor on my garage access door (after installing the Door Jamb Armor, this was a piece of cake) and your sliding door component Armor Latch. The last part of this story is what will forever keep me a loyal customer, three years after I installed the Door Jamb Armor, three or four thugs tried to break in through my door and failed miserably. Thank you Armor Concepts for keeping me safe but thank you and God bless you for keeping my family safe.

Michael K. (New Orleans) host of the “HomeTalk USA” Radio Show
A lot of products say they do one thing or another. This actually works… It’s inexpensive, easy to use and gives you real protection… Please tell me why someone would not want to use this product

Chris A. (TN) WREG TV
I have tested hundreds of products. Many don't come close to matching the manufacturers' claims. Some actually do what the manufacturer says. It is really unheard of for a product to exceed the claims of the manufacturer. Had I not seen it
for myself, i would not have believed it. I don't think that we have ever had a product exceeded our expectations in the way that Door Jamb Armor has. That was very impressive.

Mark B. (TN)
My name is Mark Brannon. I own a company called Brannon Builders located in Southaven, Mississippi. I was recently asked by the local Memphis television station, Channel 3, to do a “Does it really work?” test of your product called Door Jamb Armor. When the television anchor, Kris Anderson, told me that we would be testing a product that claimed to make it virtually impossible to kick in a door, I laughed. He looked at me funny and said,“Why do you laugh? Do you think it will work?”. I immediately told him,“Not a chance!”. I have never seen anything that could keep a door from being kicked in if someone wanted in bad enough. A few days later we did the test. I was amazed! We kicked and kicked and the door didn’t budge. Next, we took a police battering ram and hit the door about 20 times. The door began to show damage, but never opened. In summary, I just want you to know how incredible the Door Jamb Armor is. Every
household should carefully consider installing this on their home. For an incredibly low cost, homeowners can have peace-of-mind that is priceless.

Rob (TX)

We installed ez armor the other day, and I just want to say how safe I feel already. I put it on a old shed we have in the backyard and we tried to kick it in all day but all we did was break the shed door. I'm confident it will protect our house like it did that old shed. Keep up the good work guys.

Frank S. (New York) Security consultant for the "It Takes a Thief" television show

This is a great product. I’ve seen that it works as advertised and can be used in situations where no other product will work... Had I known about this product sooner, we would have used it on every episode. I’m sold!

Rich (CA)

This will be my first official comment about a product I have purchased, and that's saying something. I am a 46 year old locksmith, on the verge of retiring. I am so proud to see an American company with such great service, and don't get me started about how super the product is. I work mostly in Compton, CA and most can tell you how rough it can be out there but these products are nothing to fool with. Since I started installing these kits my business has gone through the roof with customers wanting me to install them everywhere I can put them. But I feel great because how much I'm helping people feel safe again, which is not an easy thing to do now a days. Everybody keep your eye on this company because Armor Concepts will be a household name one day. Installer for life.

James (TN)

I just wanted to say how impressed I am of the product door jamb armor. I never thought my house would be the scene of a break-in but 2 months ago i experienced it. Everything that they could carry was taken. My neighbors didn't notice anything but a white van parked in front of my house while we were out and nobody suspected a thing. I knew I had to protect my house and my kids, so I purchased this product called EZ Armor for my door. I figured if they came through my front door what's from keeping them from coming back. The installation went smooth, watching the ez armor installation video helped. You wouldn't guess but those creeps came back, but all they took with them this time was failure and left a lot of foot prints on my door. Thanks alot guys.

Morris C. (California) host of the "On The House" radio show

This is the first entry door security product that I have seen in 25-plus years in this industry that actually works. This is the best new security product that I have seen in some time

Doug M. (Illinois)

Hey, I just want to let you guys know that the installation went just as easy as you described and finished in less than an hour. I travel a lot and the piece of mind that I have that my wife and possessions are safer put my mind at ease. I am 6'4" 240lbs and I put a couple of whacks in the door that would have taken the old jam out for sure. Nothing I did could budge it. Thanks a bunch!

Tracy (NC)

I just wanted to say I am so happy I found your website. After my break-in, in June, I could not sleep well and I have a small child that depends on my safety as well. I first called your number with questions about ordering the right appliance. I got good info on which one I needed. The people I spoke to seemed actually concerned about my request of overnighting my order. I never came across that before. I received calls to see if I received my order and a follow-up call to see if the installation went okay and if I had any questions. You guys are great. I sleep well now. I have communicated your product and service to all my family and friends.

Jack (NV)

Love EZ Armor and Armor Latch. I had a domestic dispute at my home a week ago and things could have gotten alot uglier if I had not installed EZ Armor on my front door and back. Instead of having somebody charge me a arm and a leg to fix my door frame I just had to clean the door prints off my door. The product works and I will tell anyone who asks me the best way to protect there home is ARMOR CONCEPTS.

Michael (Atlanta)

I had to send you a quick email and let you know how your excellent product has served me and my family so far. Our back door was kicked in three days before Thanksgiving. I made a call to a handyman and he immediately raved about a new product he had been installing for clients called Door Jamb Armor. I did a quick search online and after watching the convincing video I decided to look for Door Jamb Armor and install it myself. I found the complete kit at Lowes and bought two sets. The door department at Lowes was playing the video from your website and the Lowes representative said the Armor was is in high demand. As your video claims, I was able to install the Door Jamb Armor kit myself in around an hour and a half. Door Jamb Armor saved me a few hundred dollars in repair cost while providing more security for my home and family. Does it work? I'll say this. When I returned home from buying our Christmas tree with the family I noticed a muddy footprint on the back door that hadn't been there before. Apparently, our recent home intruders had come back for more but were deterred by the strength of our Door Jamb Armor secured door. Many thanks for developing and designing a product that is well thought out, well built and fairly priced. Door Jamb Armor is a real value that I have already and will continue to recommend to anyone who wants to do all they can to secure their home or repair a broken door jamb.

Jenneye Shugar (Houston, TX) Texas Lockstar, COO
It has been such a pleasure to be working with you all at Armor Concepts. I am proud to offer your impressive, made in America armor systems to all of my customers, and it gives me great satisfaction knowing that when I've installed your armor products at my customer's homes, I am truly making them secure. Your customer service has been outstanding and you all continue to evolve your products to meet the needs of customer demand. I'm proud to be your Texas installer, and I look forward to enjoying a long working relationship with Armor Concepts.

PJ (Atlanta)

After a few break-ins in my neighborhood, I had Door Jamb Armor ("DJA") installed on my front and back doors. The bad guys unfortunately were able to penetrate my house, but NOT through the doors equipped with DJA. After trying to open my front door with a screwdriver and a couple hard kicks that left dents, these idiots rammed a car into my garage door and kicked down the entry door inside the garage (which was the only door that wasn't equipped with Door Jamb Armor. When I replace the entry door in the garage, you can bet it will have Door Jamb Armor. I'm telling everyone I know how great your product is. Thanks!

Richard (Minneapolis)

I purchased two Door Jamb Armor kits, and an EZ Armor kit for a door with a sidelight. WOW! All I can say is that with everything installed I think you'd need a bus to ram these doors to break through. Now, my neighborhood is very nice, but just the added piece of mind that these kits offer will help me know that my home and family are safe when the doors are locked. This product does more, and is more cost effective than anything else on the market.

Susan S. (NY)

After going through the trauma of a break in at my home, I couldn’t be more impressed by your ingenious product and the peace of mind that it provides. It is a simple, relatively low-cost solution in home security. Having Door Jamb Armor now installed on all exterior entrances has made me feel very confident that a break-in could not occur again. I never would have thought that such a security feature could be so effective and would give me such peace of mind. For our house, a monitoring system was not a solution, but Door Jamb Armor in conjunction with the new locks is so effective. It is the solution we were looking for but never knew existed.

D Hall (Atlanta)

I had your company install a door jamb Armor for my back door because there had been several break ins in my neighborhood. My next door neighbors had their back door kicked in. I thank God that I had your company place the door jamb armor on my door because someone kicked my back door so hard that the sensor for the alarm system was knocked off and the footprint of the person's shoe was imprinted on my door. My door was dented up but the police stated when the person tried to kick the door in the door jammed. The intruder could not get in, again as I stated there have been many breaks ins in my neighborhood. I am eternally grateful to you and your company and your employee that placed the door jamb armor on my door. Your service went far beyond customer service. The service you provided for me was life saving. I thank God for you.

Jim (Chicago, Il)

I would love to say that I bought your product because I thought ahead to protect my home but this isn't one of those stories. This is one of those stories where I had to learn the hard way that anything can happen to anyone at anytime. Our house was burglarized twice in the same year, I figured they said if they could do it once why not twice. Everything valuable was taken from us, even my daughters necklace that was given to her by her great grandmother. I knew we would never be able to get those things back but I knew I had to whatever it took to keep it from happening again. I was very, very skeptical of your product at first. Never have I heard of a security company guaranteeing that there product will never fail and money back if it does. I tried it and it worked, guys came back a week ago and all was left were footprints. These guys will knock down your doors, please don't wait til it's too late like me.

Georges (Orlando, FL)

I live in Orlando and it very common to hear someone's door was kicked off its hinges on the news. the week i moved into my condo 5 DOORS WERE KICKED DOWN AT 5 IN THE MORNING. I ordered one for the front door the next day and MAN what a difference. I was so impressed that I ordered 2 EZ Armors and 2 Armor Latches for our new home. So no more breaking my back lifting that useless stick I use to lay in the track. TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY

Teresa (Atlanta)
I was up late and saw one of your commercials. I went to your site and read some of the other testimonials. We have had a bunch of kick ins in our area so I decided to place an order. I am so glad I did. They broke into my neighbors house the same day they tried (and did not get in) to get into my house. I couldn't believe it. There must have been a dozen footprints on the door! I hope they broke their leg. Anyway, thank you for a great product. All of my neighbors are now big ez armor fans. 

Richard (Charlotte)
I found you guys by accident. I wish I had seen you earlier. We had been robbed. We got an alarm system and were robbed again. At least the second time, we knew they were in the house. We found ez armor while walking through our local Lowe's. I installed it myself and finally feel safe. More people should know about this. 

Deborah (Atlanta, GA)
As a Police Officer for 23 years I understand how important home security is. I cannot count the number of calls I responded to where the home had been broken into with entry gained by kicking in the door. Many times the alarm would still be going off when I arrived. However, the thief or thieves were long gone. I was there to take the report and had to sadly tell the victim that the odds of them getting their property back was slim to none. I am now retired however, as a single woman, security remains a priority with me... when I go to sleep at night I need to know I am safe. I went looking for something that would keep the bad guys out of my home. I found EZ Armor by Armor Concepts. I purchased the system and had it installed on my back door. All I can say is WOW. After it was installed I had the installer who weighed about 200 pounds kick the door. Then I had a friend who weighs about 275 pounds kick the door. He kicked that door until he was tired and it never budged. At that point I realized I had found the level of security I needed. I was so impressed that I became a dealer for the Armor Concepts product line. Now you can now get the protection you need at and affordable price. This is security that you cannot afford to be without…

Greg (Edmond, OK)
I recently installed this set in my house. It really did only take me
around 20 minutes to install the kit. I was appalled at the hardware it replaced. I had 1 inch screws holding the previous strike plate. They were replaced with 3 1/2 inch screws for the EZ armor strike plate.

Jerome (Longwood, FL)
I just wanted to say thank you! I have a front door with double
sidelights. I bought your products about one year ago for my front door, rear door on the garage, and the garage entry into my house. 4 men tried to invade my home by kicking in the doors. My wife was home alone. The doors didn't budge. Other than the footprints on the doors you wouldn't know anything happened. Your product really works and everyone should think about getting it.

Kirk (Tulsa, OK)
Just wanted to let you know I am extremely happy with your product and delivery! I ordered the 3 Door Armor products 2 days ago and have already installed them. They fit perfect and were so easy to install! Brings some peace of mind having these on my doors, Thanks again!
Mike (Redding CA)
First of all, I don't know the owner of this company nor do I have any financial interest in this company. I ran across the product by mistake looking for a new door knob on the internet. I was initially skeptical having never heard of this product on the west coast. I've been a police officer for 28 years and unfortunately have taken many residential burglary reports over the years. Many of those have been door kick burgs. I recognize that no one is immune from crime including me. I was so impressed with it I put it on my house. It works! It was easy to install and reasonably priced. I wish that more people knew about this product. Great job Armor Concepts.

Jesse D (Jericho VT)
3 exterior doors and 2 doors from garage to house. All secure. Medeco locks, and laminated windows. For such little money. I could actually with no effort stop that bad guy from entering. Hinges locks frames I did the full monty. If they can't get in then you have already won!

Michael (San Antonio TX)
Very easy to install. It took me about 15mins to install one on the front door and the back door. Very solid and I do feel more secure now knowing that I have them there.

The best home security possible is "ARMOR CONCEPTS" Jam Armor. Nothing else even comes close. The product is easy to install, even for someone with no previous experience. Their products can even be used on internal doors and safe rooms, if needed.

Sheryl (Chaska MN)
I have told so many friends and family about the Armor sliding door deadbolt. This deadbolt is ingenious and I have never felt safer in my home. The woman that walks my dog during the day came to the house when I was having the lock installed. She immediately went home and ordered the deadbolt for her home. She sees a lot of homes with her dog walking service and she immediately recognized what a wonderful product you have. EVERYONE with a sliding door should have one of these.

Slept well last night knowing patio door was really secured with the lock from Armor Concepts. Price was reasonable, shipping was fast, and installing was fast and easy.

Joan (OH)
I have installed two of your kits. One on an outside door with a side window and one on an inside door. The installation went well and I am very satisfied with the product.

Adam (Houston, TX)
Because it's a product that works. My side garage door was kicked in and I was robbed. Right after I ordered the door jamb for all of my doors. I can honestly say I really have a sense of relief knowing it won't happen

Justin H. (WA)
Very high-quality materials and well made. The installation is easy to understand. The peace of mind, knowing the outstanding security provided by Armor Concepts products is hard to place a value on.

Jack (ID)
It works and was super easy to install. I recommend them to friends all the time.

Lewis (DE)
Great price. Easy to install and rock solid security for my doors. I am always recommending them to HOA members.

Carter J. (OK)
I had a chance to compare and install your product and a competitor's product. Quality was close but installation was better with Armor Concepts. The screws were perfectly matched to the guard and the instructions were correct. The competitor sized their pilot holes too large, ruining the installation. I will recommend AC to my friends!

Jeff (LA)
Excellent product, inexpensive for the amount of security it provides to both be secure and to feel secure. Truly priceless!

Carter N. (NJ)
I ordered 6 reinforced door jams and have no complaints. Solid, attractive and easy to install.

George (NM)
I have been very impressed with the quality of you products.

Collins (CT)
Had a handyman do the install. Went fairly smoothly. Looks like it works as well or better than a deadbolt.

James (DE)
Absolutely love your products. Have purchased several of them over the past few years and installation is a breeze.

Evans (IA)
Easy to install and provides adequate protection against average home invasions.

Jacob (Alaska)
Home was Broken into...Now After Armour Shield.....WE Can SLEEP in PEACE

A.R. Tilley (US)
I love and advise all family and friends to get armor concepts!

H. Craig (Washington)
I really love it, it was so easy to install, I put them on all my
exterior doors i have not had any incident and hope i do not but adding extra security will make you feel more secure.

Ujarak R. (Canada)
Great product that was easy to install. I'm a realtor and have already recommended your products to a number of my clients.

Oakely (Ohio)
I've installed these in every house I've owned on every door and every slider. I have not been broken into so I can't say how effective they are but it gives me piece of mind that my doors are well reinforced.
Great quality.

Hadwin T. (Massachusetts)
High Quality Products

Parry (Al)
Once I came across Armor Concepts I have installed them in my home, condo, and my Mother's home. The finished look is great and the piece of mind of the added security helps to know my mother is that much safer as well as our residences.

Ted (Kansas)
I like the door armor very much. It was easy to install and is very
unobtrusive. I like how It was able to add extra security without making my house look like a bomb shelter.

Lavelle (NE)
Overall the item I purchased was everything I was looking for and more. Easy to install and I have already recommended it to my neighbor. Thank you

Calvin B. (Maryland)
I called and spoke to JaRon about my options with the door shield and Ez shield, he was very knowledgeable and helped us get the right product for our home.

Octavio (MS)
This is an excellent product and an inexpensive way to gain peace of mind that my family is protected from someone just breaking in the door to gain access to our home. We are building a new house, and this was very easy to install.

Paulie (IL)
I had the door reinforcement installed by a professional and installed the sliding glass door lock myself, I am very happy with both products and my installer has told many people about your products.

Harley (VT)
Looking at the video clips you had on the website and having self installed the hardware (moderately easy to do), this verified and confirmed to me that the materials and design of the armor concepts door armor is the best defense a homeowner can have at the main entrances. I plan to purchase and install 2 more sets to reinforce my other two other exterior doors and will definitely consider looking at the glass sliding door hardware. Thank you!!!

Bruce (Derry, NH)
Easy installation. The jamb had been split but is now held together like it was new.

Excellent packaging and fast delivery. The peace of mind this product offers is priceless. I plan on installing these units on three more entry doors. Installation is quick and easy with a high end drill. My all steel safe room is great but we needed time to get to it, now we have that time. My family's safety comes first in this dangerous world.

Melisa (FOLSOM, CA)
This product is wonderful! I had a large crack in a door jam and the door was not secure as you could just push it open even when it was locked. This took about 1 minutes to install and the door is now secure. It saved me $400 to buy a new door.

quick. Item is as described. Good way to armor up a door without adding extra steps to a nightly routine. Honestly with as weak as most door frames are I don't know why something like this isn't standard on every outside door.

Earnisty (GONZALES, LA)
This product was perfect for our destroyed door jamb! It took about 5 minutes to read instructions and install. It's super sturdy and effective!

Jonathan (LAMAR, MS)
Item was well packed and arrived on time/as described.

Renae (Antioch, CA)

Dale (CA)
The product was exactly what I was looking for.It was easy to install. The installation instructions were detailed and easy to follow. The parts fit as well. The website described the product clearly so there was no guesswork when placing the order.

Kammy (OH)
Your product is simply the best! An all in one repair and secure masterpiece

Marshall (CA)
I have bought 4 ARMOUR CONCEPT for my home in Utah after my son recommended it. Now I am soon to install one on my Calif. Home.

Andy (TX)
Works well...easy to install...sense of security

Joe (FL)
Great, safe products.

Shawn (VA)
Quality security products that are effective Safe Products