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Others Do The Talking For Us

Not a Single Video on This Page Was Produced By Armor Concepts

These days, it's impossible to believe anything that you read and very little of what you see. For 12 years, we have challenged anyone who would listen, to put our door kick-in prevention products to the test. Not a single video below was produced by Armor Concepts. Most were produced by individuals or news organizations, who didn't believe that Door Armor or Door Jamb Armor would work. They installed the products and put them to the test, expecting them to fail. Would-be competitors may talk a good game but we don't have to. Watch the videos on this page. If you believe that you have a better kicking technique, please knock yourself out. Just send us the video and we will post it on this page. The video to the right was produced by an Alarm company. They did not believe that Door Armor would work and set out to show us how it would fail. See for yourself what happens...

Door Armor Vs. Battering Ram

This test was done by an alarm company that did not believe Door Armor would work.  They set out to show that it would fail.  We found out about this test after it was done.  Watch Door Armor get put to the test and see for yourself how it works...

ITS Tactical Door Armor Destruction Test

Following a rash of break-ins in Buena Vista Township, Michigan, police found Door Armor at a local Lowe's store and decided to put it to the test. A local CBS affiliate captured and aired the test on the evening news. We actually found out about this test several months after it aired. While we have never solicited a police endorsement, we received one from the police officers, who tested our product.

Michigan Police Test Captured On The News

We have never asked police for an endorsement. Why, because we know that they are not allowed to give them. That is why we were somewhat shocked when we heard about this store. Yes, we actually learned about this story about a month after it aired. Local police learned about our Door Armor (then EZ Armor) product after a rash of break-ins in their area. They went to a local Lowe's store and purchased a door kick-in prevention kit. The results of the test shocked everyone...

Omaha News Test

This was another test and news cast that we found out about several weeks after it aired. Once again, a rash of break-ins raised awareness about kick-ins and a local dealer provided a solution to increasing crime in this once quiet city...

Michigan Police Test Captured On The News

It was Thursday evening at around 6 o'clock when we received the call back in 2008. Channel 3 News in Memphis, Tennessee had put our Door Jamb Armor product to the test. They called us after the test had been completed. Since we had no idea that they were even conducting a test, we were relieved to hear how impressed they were. "I have tested hundreds of products. Most don't live up to manufacturer's claims. Some might come close to doing what the manufacturer says. I have never tested a product that exceeds the manufacturer's claims by this much. We are very impressed" Kris Anderson, WREG Anchor..

Kick-Proof Doors Test

One of our dealers did this test several years ago. They were not sure that Door Armor would work so they decided to put it to the test before recommending it to any of their clients.

Dallas Housing Authority

Maintenance personnel at the Dallas Housing Authority did not believe that Door Armor would work. After a number of kicks they all agreed that Door Armor was the real deal. We might be able to give them some coaching on their kicking technique but none of these men believed that the Door Armor would work.

Mobile Housing Authority Test

The Mobile Housing Authority was experiencing kick-ins on many of their vacant properties. Many of the maintenance people and administrators did not believe that the solution would work. We sent them a sample kit and had them test it for themselves. With a large crowd standing by, they kicked and beat the door with a sledgehammer until they broke a hole in the door itself.

Knollwood Housing Test

Another test done by maintenance personnel, who did not believe that Door Armor would work. see for yourself what happens.

Prichard Housing Authority Test

For years, the pritchard housing authority had accepted kick-ins and vandalism as a way of life. When we presented them with Door Armor, they did not believe that it would work. Their maintenance supervisor actually laughed at us when we told them that our solution would stop kick-ins. He promised that "his guys" could kick it in". See for yourself what happens.

Estates At Willowbrook

Another test done by maintenance personnel, who did not believe that Door Armor would work. see for yourself what happens.