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Multi-Family Testimonials

Allen (LA)

This is the only quality secure idea on the market thus far I have been impressed with. I have installed several of these units this year and the customers have been extremely satisfied with the product. They feel much safer and secure in their homes because of Armor Concepts Door Armor set-up.

Juan (Houston)

I am a maintenance manager in Houston. Things have been getting pretty bad down here for a while and we had been having up to 5 kick-ins a week. My owner had me put Door Armor on our entire property about six months ago and we have not had a single problem since. I honestly didn't think it would work but we have had a number of attempts and none were successful.

Jimbo (Memphis)

I own rental properties in Memphis. I can't tell you how much I have spent repairing kick ins. I put Door Armor on my doors earlier this year and have not had a single problem since. Where have you been?

Karen (Fayetteville, NC) Property Manager, Village Gate Apts.

My name is Karen Valenzuela and I am the Property Manager at Village Gate Apartments in Fayetteville North Carolina. After experiencing some recent issues with entry door break-ins that were causing significant problems for both our residents and maintenance teams as well as costing the property quite a bit of time/money in monthly repairs, we began to look into other ways to secure our apartments. After reading about the Door Armor kits online, I called Armor Concepts to get more information on their door security/reinforcement products. Subsequently, we purchased their Ultra Door Armor kit for all our units. This kit did not require us to remove any interior trim or door hardware and definitely adds protection to the entire door opening, including the hinge areas. The Door Armor installation is being completed by our on-site maintenance staff and combined with some additional measures taken on our property, we have had no further break-ins since installation began. Armor Concepts has been very informative and helpful throughout this process and based on my positive experience, I would definitely recommend this product and this companies services to other multi family communities that want to prevent or stop similar break-in concerns

Property Manager (Ohio)

I manage rental homes in the Dayton, Ohio area. Some of the homes have been damaged by people kicking-in the doors. Your product has been installed on several homes and was quickly tested by another attempted break-in at two of the locations. I am glad to say that the Door Jamb Armor held up to it’s name and claims, and the shoe marks on the doors were all the evidence we needed!!! We are so pleased with the success that we are installing this product at all of our vacants! Not only can
this protect our assets while vacant, in addition, it can give our residents peace of mind after they move in! Thank you for an amazing product! It makes my job EASIER! No property should be without it!"

Joseph (Detroit, MI)

Detroit, MI is not the worst places to live, but there is no denying that we could do with less crime. I have owned an apartment building for 15 years now and I have seen pretty much more than one would want to, especially not being a police officer. There favorite is kicking in doors. I have replaced so many doors and frames that I could build a house with all the wasted lumber. A friend of mine introduced me to Door Armor and I have been hooked ever since. The only way criminals have been able to get inside one of my apartments now was prying the door down which they are always caught because it takes to long. I rented out more since the installations and some tenants are willing to pay more rent just so I can do installations on the whole building. This product has helped not only me but the people who trust my residence.  

Venus (Houston, TX) Property Manager, Chartwell Court Apartments, Daymark Residential Management

I am so excited about your metal door- jamb set for reinforcement of our apartment doors. You offered a good price and the installation by our maintenance team is easy. Sad to say, at our community falls victim to frequent burglaries and this product has definitely sent a message. There have been attempted break-ins since we installed the metal plating and the product has prevented the robbers from gaining access to the apartment!