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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an alarm system?

No, this is not a monthly security alarm system. The products we make protect your home from ever being broken into. This prevents the alarm system from coming into play because the intruders never entered your home.

What is Door Armor?

Door Armor is a set of 5 steel plates that reinforce the key weak points of your door. The parts are available in 3 colors (White, Satiin Nickel or Aged Bronze) and can be installed in about 30 minutes. Our products are designed to help prevent break-ins or repair damage from a previous break-in.Learn More About Door Armor

How does Door Armor work?

Door Armor is screwed onto the lock area of the door jamb, the lock area on your door, and over your hinges. When all of these parts are reinforced, your door is very difficult to kick in.

How does Door Armor look? Is it ugly?

Door Armor is barely visible once it is installed. When the door is closed, you will see about ¼ inch of the product.

What is a side light door?

A side light door has a row of windows right next to the door. Some doors have side lights on both sides, and others may have a row on one side only.

How difficult is it to install the product you show on the commercial (Door Armor)?

If you have access to a drill, you should be able to install Door Armor. If you are uncomfortable using a drill, we can guide you how to find an installer (go to point 8).

Do I need to remove my door to install Door Armor? Can I really install this myself?

No. You do not need to remove your door...And Yes. You really can install Door Armor yourself.Please view our installation videos, found  HERE  If you still do not feel comfortable with installation, we can help you find an installer in your area (see next topic).

What is your return policy?

We have a money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied for any reason you may send the product back for a refund within 90 days, minus the shipping cost. We do not charge restocking fees.View Our Return Policy

How do I return an item?

If the call is during office hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm CST

Number to call 888-582-2295 and ask for any customer service rep.

If the call is after office hours

An email should be sent to Sales@Armorconcepts.Com

Other FAQs

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, if the product is installed correctly and your door is kicked in. Armor Concepts will pay up to $500 if Door Armor fails to prevent a kick-in. For details, please viewArmor Concepts Warranty

How are Armor Concepts products different from other products on the market?

Only our solutions reinforce all of the key weak points on a door (Jamb, Lock Area and Hinges). If one of those points is not reinforced, the door can still be kicked in. We make our products out of galvanized steel and powder coat them because cold rolled steel will rust and paint is not durable enough.; In short, our products work where others fail.

Are the door shields really necessary?

YES!We promise that if you use the Jamb Shield without the Door Shields your deadbolt will split your door if your door is kicked!   This is the main reason other products fail. Please understand that your "steel" door is really two thin pieces of steel wrapped around a Styrofoam core. Without the Door Shields, do not expect your door to withstand more than a few well-placed kicks before splitting.

Are the hinge shields really necessary?

YES!We never thought about protecting our hinges until after we had developed the Jamb Shield and people began kicking our hinges in. If the pieces were not absolutely necessary, we would save you the time and money and simply not make them. We only include two shields because test showed that when two hinges are secured, the third will not move. Any manufacturer who tells you that longer screws are enough to protect the hinges has never tested their products.

Why is jamb shield so long?

Physics!  Making the piece longer allows us to make it with thinner metal, which means that you do not have to chisel or cut your jamb to install it. Also, the longer piece actually redistributes the force of a kick throughout the length of the stud, which is why it is so effective..

Why doesn't the Jamb Shield go full length?

Because it isn't necessary and would cost a lot more. After a lot of testing, we determined that a shield longer than 48 inches was no more effective. Also, doors come in many different sizes, which would create more issues, and shipping a 72" piece of steel would be a nightmare. All of this would add up to a significantly higher cost for you

My jamb is thicker than 3/4"; will your solutions work?

Door Armor will fit jambs of any thickness. Many homes built before 1950 were made with thicker jambs. If you have an older home, you should seriously consider Door Armor.

Do your products only come in white?

No. Our Door Armor come in 3 colors (White, Satin Nickel and Aged Bronze) . Our side light pieces currently only come in white.

Can I use this to create a safe room in my home? Can I put this on a bedroom door?

You cannot use Door Armor on an interior door. If you want to create a safe room, you must replace your interior door with a standard entry door (remove the sill plate) and install Door Armor.

Will the Door Armor products prevent prying?

No. The Door Armor product was designed to preventkick-ins. Our Pry Guard would be needed to defend against prying. Prying is not covered in theDoor Armor Warranty