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It Takes 10 Seconds to Kick-In A Door!

(Police Response to A Home Alarm is Often More Than 20 Minutes)

Door Armor (formerly EZ ARMOR) is THE Invasion Stopper!

(A Home Alarm Does Not Stop Intruders From Entering)

Real Home Security!

Door Armor is Simply A Better Way To Secure Your Home...

Police response time to a home alarm is often more than 20 minutes. An intruder can be inside in less than 10 seconds. An alarm does nothing to prevent an intruder from entering your home! What would happen if an intruder attacked while you were away? What if your family is home alone? Even if you own a gun, is 10 seconds enough time to reach it?
85% of all intruders enter through a door... Not on our watch!

More than 225,000 Doors Secured... and Counting

  • Creating Safer Communities for more than 12 years. We are the undisputed door security experts!
  • Door Armor has been tested by multiple independent sources & is Recommended by Police.

  • Guaranteed for Life!

  • If your home is burglarized due to a kick-in, we will pay your insurance deductible (up to $150)
  • 90 Day return policy - If not satisfied for any reason, just return it.

  • How Does It Work?

    Door Armor is a set of 5 steel plates that reinforce all of the key weak points on a door. Once installed, forced entry through your door is virtually impossible.
  • Barely visible and is available in white, aged bronze and satin nickel colors.
  • Never needs to be armed - If your door is locked, it's Armed!
  • Can be used to repair damaged jambs or to prevent the damage from ever happening. Once it's on, it stays with your home forever.


    1). You Already Have an Alarm System!

  • Great! Think of Door Armor as your seat belt and your alarm system as ONSTAR. Door Armor will save your life. Your alarm will alert the police (if an intruder is able to find another way in). It's a good idea to have both.
  • Many home alarm companies now include Door Armor as a part of their standard system - Ask Yours!

  • 2). It MUST be Hard to Install?

  • NO: Door Armor can be Installed by most people in 30 minutes or less - Warch Video>>
  • For installation, all you will need a cordless drill. Most kits come with the required bit.

  • 3). You Live in a "Good" Area! - Crime NEVER happens THERE!

  • More than 70% of Door Armor purchasers live in rural and suburban areas
  • Crime has increased dramatically in "better" areas.
  • Door Armor does not change the appearance of your door.

  • 4). You're Not Sure That it Will Fit Your Door

  • Door Armor will fit 95% of all single entry doors. For sidelight, double and sliding doors, Click Here for our Product Selection Guide.)
  • If it doesn't fit, send it back - We have a 90-day return policy

  • 5). You're paranoid and want to buy from a "More Trusted Source"

  • While we are A+ rated by BBB, you can purchase Door Armor at through Lowe's, Menards and others nationally.
  • Click Here to Visit our Store Locator
  • Our online promotions are not available through our distributors.

  • Door Armor Informational Video

    How Does It Work?

    Police Tested & Recommended!

    Easy Installation

    Accept No Substitute ... Get the ULTIMATE Security solution from REAL security experts
     More than 225,000 Doors Secured!

    Note: You will need a space of approximately 1/8" (about the thickness of 2 quarters) between the door and door jamb for proper clearance.

    (The items below are for single doors. For sidelight, double and sliding doors, Click Here for our Product Selection Guide.)

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