Security begins before intruders enter! * See why Armor Concepts has been featured by Fox News, Bloomberg, NBC and others. * Your security is our only business * Police Recommended * Lifetime Warranty * Install Yourself in about 30 minutes * More than 50,000 sold * Money Back Guarantee!
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A Passion for Protecting What You Hold Dear

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We Were Victims

Back in 2004 we were renovating properties when we had a rash of kick-ins. After nothing else worked, we created something that actually kept the bad guys out. We never intended to sell anything...

10 Seconds… Can You Reach Your Gun?

It takes about 10 seconds to kick in a door. If you own a gun, will you have time to reach it? Home security must begin before intruders enter.

Alarms Don't Stop Intruders

Your alarm works after someone has already broken into your home. Police response is often greater than 20 minutes. Many alarm companies offer EZ Armor as a part of their system.

100% Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If not completely satisfied, simply return the product for a refund. Kick it, beat it, abuse it. If you are not convinced, we will refund your money. Check out the other customer testimonials and demonstration on our site.

No Comparison

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Others try to compare their offerings to ours. We have no real competition. We are the originators of this industry. Compare our product offering, our product quality, value or security knowledge.

Available For All Doors and Budgets 

Police Recommended and Tested 

Customer Testimonials

Competitor lies cost us!

We were told that there was not a lot of difference between Door Jamb Armor and this competitive product. They said that the hinges would be protected by longer screws. Well, we tried their product and were still having doors kicked-in left and right. Thank you for giving us a deal on the 600 hinge shields so that we could finally stop this problem. We'll be sure to use Door Jamb Armor the next time
By Cheryl-NC

Didn't Work without hinge shields

O.k., so you told me to use the hinge shields and I didn't listen. I have never seen a hinge get kicked in before... until now. I don't know how long they kicked (on the door) but they got in because the jamb split on the hinge side. I even had longer screws in the hinges and it didn't work. I will not make this mistake again
By Marcus-Richmond

Police Recommended

The Oxnard Police gave us the information on your door armor, of course this was after our front door was kicked in and a 350lb. safe was carried out. We are now in Escrow and looking forward to moving north. When we get settled and find a new home we will be contacting you to learn more about your new products and keeping us safe. Thanks Again.
John and Joey N – Oxnard, CA

240lbs No Match

Hey, I just want to let you guys know that the installation went just as easy as you described and finished in less than a hour. I travel a lot and the piece of mind that I have that my wife and possessions are safer put my mind at ease. I am 6'4" 240lbs and I put a couple of whacks in the door that would have taken the old jam out for sure. Nothing I did could budge it. Thanks a bunch
Doug M - Illinois

It Takes A Thief Testimonial

This is a great product. I've seen that it works as advertised and can be used in situations where no other product will work... Had I known about this product sooner, we would have used it on every episode. I’m sold"
Frank Santamorena, Security consultant for the "It Takes a Thief" television show

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Police Recommended and Guaranteed to stop Kick-ins! * Available in White, Bronze and Nickel finishes * Lifetime Warranty * Install It Yourself in about 30 minutes * More than 50,000 sold * Money Back Guarantee! arrow-leftOrder now – Our Online Store