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Door Jamb Armor
Extreme Door Security & Jamb Repair

Extreme Door Security

Door Jamb Armor. The Door Security Product that Started it All...

Door Jamb Armor was the first door security solution introduced by Armor Concepts.
Door Jamb Armor was designed by an engineer and was created with the sole purpose of keeping intruders from breaking into properties that we were renovating. We never intended to sell Door Jamb Armor. As a result, Door Jamb Armor was designed to be extremely effective but it is much more difficult to install than other Armor Concepts products. Learn about differences between Door Jamb Armor and Door Armor

Door Jamb Armor is a set of sleeves that wrap around the jamb, hinges and the lock area of the door.
This patented wrapping technology allows Door Jamb Armor to be used for instances of extreme jamb repair and in extreme security situations but makes installation more challenging. Door Jamb Armor is intended to be used by professional contractors and installers. View the installation video on this page, if this looks too difficult, we strongly suggest that you purchase Door Armor, which is extremely effective, also comes with a lifetime warranty and is much easier to install.

Why Purchase Door Jamb Armor?

  • More than 25,000 kits installed
  • Trusted by professional contractors across the US and Canada.
  • Lifetime Warranty against Kick-Ins
  • If your home is burglarized due to a kick-in, we will pay your insurance deductible (up to $200)
  • Extreme Repair
  • Wrapping technology allows use on door jambs that have been seemingly damaged beyond salvage.
  • Extreme Security
  • If someone can kick on your door for an hour with no one calling the police, you might want to consider Door Jamb Armor...
  • Repair it Once...Secure it Forever!
  • Door Jamb Armor can be used to repair damaged jambs or to prevent the damage from ever happening. Once it's on, it stays with the home forever. Once you lock your door, it's Armed!
  • Many home alarm companies now include Door Armor as a part of their standard system - Ask Yours!

  • Wrapping Technology

    Watch Installation Video

    Designed For Professionals ... Made for Extreme Situations.
     More than 25,000 sold!

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