The New Standard for Home Protection

Why Are Police and Others Redefining "Home Security"?

This video was produced by an alarm company, that set out to show us how they could make Door Armor fail.  We did not make this video!  See for yourself what happens...

An intruder can be in your home in less than 10 seconds. Your home alarm simply tells you the he is inside. Guns are your last line of defense.

Since 2004, Door Armor has been put to the test thouands of times. News teams, big bad guys (named Bubba) and police have all believed that our products would fail. See for yourself how it holds up...


Police tested & recommended

$500 Lifetime Guarantee against kick-ins - If a resident leaves, due to a kick-in, we will pay you up to $500.


Quick & easy to install in under 30 minutes

Nearly invisible once installed. Will not change the appearance of your community

"Not using it is like not fastening your seatbelt in your car... Would you trust your car alarm or OnStar to keep you safe in an accident?"

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Door Armor MINI Combo Set

Kick-In Protection

$300 Guarantee

List Price: $69.00


Door Armor MAX Combo Set

Kick-In & Hinge Protection

$500 Guarantee

List Price: $89.00

Platinum Plus

Door Armor MAX Plus Combo Set

Kick-In, Hinge & Prying Protection

$500 Guarantee

List Price: $99.00

What Protects Your Family, When You're Not Home?

You have an alarm, you own guns and you are sure that your home is secure. The simple fact is that it takes less than 10 seconds for an intruder to kick in a door and guns don't do much good if you are not home.

While you might believe that home invasions only happen on "that" side of town, the fact is that crime happens everywhere. More than 75% of our customers live in rural and suburban areas.

How Does Door Armor Work?

Door Armor is a set of patented devices that work together to reinforce the existing doors on your home

Door Armor works before intruders enter and it never needs to be armed or maintained. When you lock your door, it's working

More than 250,000 doors have been secured, without fail


It's easy to install (in under 30 minutes) and is barely visible once it's installed

What About Your Alarm System?

  • It takes less than 10 seconds for an intruder to kick in a door

  • Police response to a home alarm is often greater than 20 minutes

  • An alarm does not work until AFTER intruders enter

  • 95% of alarm users do not use alarms when they are active in their home


ITS Tactical Testimonial

ITS Tactical founder Bryan Black became a big fan or Armor Concepts and Door Armor after testing our products for himself. We don't expect anyone to take our word that our products work. We prefer to let our customers test for them selves because they often become our biggest supporters. Watch this video, which gives a pretty good overview of how Door Armor works and what it does. Thanks Bryan!

What people are saying about Door Armor

We have had a bunch of kick-ins in our area...they broke into my neighbor’s house and tried to get into my house. There must have been a dozen footprints on the door. Door Armor stopped me from getting robbed and SAVED MY LIFE. - Teresa (Atlanta)
Being a Police Officer, I love this product, it’s always the front and back door that’s the entry point…I think it’s great and have it installed on my home. You need this to protect your family. Matthew (Facebook)
This is the first entry door security product that I have seen in 25-plus years in this industry that actually works. This is the best new security product that I have seen in some time​ Morris Carey, host of the "On The House" radio show
Our house was burglarized twice in the same year. Everything valuable was taken from us, even my daughter's necklace that was given to her by her great-grandmother. I was very skeptical of your product at first. Never have I heard of a company guaranteeing their product for $500 that it will NEVER fail. After I installed it the guys came back while my daughter was home alone but all they could do was leave footprints on my door. Door Armor prevented us from being robbed a third time. It really works. I owe my daughter's safety to Door Armor. Heather (NY)
I installed one of these products on my front door. Its now rock solid and it was easy to install. Well worth the money and the piece of mind. Brett (Facebook)
I own rental properties in Memphis. I can't tell you how much I have spent repairing kick-ins. I put Door Armor on my doors earlier this year and have not had a single problem since. Your product has stopped me from getting robbed and saved me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Thank you! James (Memphis)

Easy Installation

This video was actually produced by a customer. He does a good job of explaining installation and unboxing of the product so we feel like this is the best, most honest representation of installing Door Armor.

Something for Every Door

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Door Armor Double Side Light Reinforcement Kit

Side Light Door security for doors with 2 sight lights.

List Price: $89.00

Door Armor Lock Side Light Reinforcement Kit

Side Light Door security for doors with one side light on the lock side of the door.

List Price: $89.00

Door Armor Hinge Side Light Reinforcement Kit

Side Light Door security for doors with one side light on the hinge side of the door.

List Price: $89.00

Door Armor Double Door Kit

Double Door Security

List Price: $99.00

Exterior FIX-A-JAMB

Exterior Door Jamb Repair

List Price: $39.00

Armor Latch Sliding Door Deadbolt

Sliding Glass Door Security

List Price: $29.00

Five Star Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Fit My Door? - If you have a single entry door, a simple rule of thumb is that if you can fit two quarters between your door frame and door, when the door is closed, you will have no problem. If you can't fit two quarters, give us a call.


What if I have Double Doors or Side Light Doors? - We have solutions for every kind of door. Just look under "Shop Now" and select your door type. Your discount works with everything on our site.


What if I don't like the way it looks? - We're confident that you will like the way it looks but we have a 90-day no hassle return policy. So you can buy with confidence.


What if Emergency Responders Need to Get In? - They will get in... We have been very close to the police since founding this company in 2004. Emergency responders have ways to get in. And the door will open with a key so landlords and others shouldn't be concerned.