Universal Door Jamb Armor Combo Set - 2-3/8" Backset Item code #SET-UNI-10002-BP

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Door Jamb Armor Reinforcement kits 2-3/8" backsets.

Platinum Protection: For maximum security and extreme jamb repair. If you want the most effective protection against kick-ins, this is what you need.

Reinforces the jamb locks and hinges with wrapping technology for maximum protection. Can be used to fix a broken doorjamb or reinforce an existing or new door.

Made to fit doors with locks backset 2-3/8 inches from the edge of the door. Installation time: About an hour.

Unsure if Armor Concepts product will fit your door? Take a look at Armor Concepts Door Measurement Guide.

It is recommended only for professionals because it requires more advanced handy skills to install.

Door Jamb Armor Unpacking Video

Universal Combo set has holes cut to fit locks that are spaced from 4.0 to 21.0 inches apart and backset 2-3/8 inches from the edge of the door. Each Universal combo set comes with one Jamb Shield, two Hinge Shields and one Ultra (two piece) Door Shield set.

These pieces are not flat plates.  They are sleeves that slide around the jamb and door.  This wrapping technology is what separates Door Jamb Armor from everything else on the market. 

Can be used to fix a shattered, doorjamb or reinforce an existing or new door.

Can be installed in about an hour - you do not need to remove the door.  Requires moderate handy skills to install.  If installation is a concern, we recommend purchasing EZ Armor. We can also arrange installation in many areas.

Protects the door jamb, lock area on your door and hinges.  If all of these points are not reinforces, your door can still be kicked-in. 
  • Gives a basic entry door, with a wooden jamb, similar structural characteristics to a door with a steel jamb - at a fraction of the cost.
Made of galvanized steel and white powder coated white.  The pieces can be painted  that you can paint to match your application.

The Universal Door Shield comes as a two-piece set that is made to fit doors with non-standard lock spacing. The Door Shield is an integral component of the Door Jamb Armor System. When you reinforce your doorjamb with Door Jamb Armor, the door becomes the weak point and can split when kicked. The Door Shield is designed to help prevent the door from splitting.

Fits both left and right handed doors

Door Shield Color: White
Jamb and HS Color: White
Lock Spacing: 4.5-inches to 21.5-inches
Lock Backset: 2-3/8 inches