Mortise Lock Door Jamb Armor Set Item code #DJA-MOR-10002

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2 – 499$45.03
500 +$45.03

Mortise Lock Door Jamb Armor set is designed to reinforce existing doorjambs and fix jambs that have already been damaged. Fits doors equipped with mortise locks. Includes 1 Mortise Lock Jamb Shield, 2 Hinge Shields and 19, 3.5" screws.

Unsure if Armor Concepts product will fit your door? Take a look at Armor Concepts Door Measurement Guide.

It is recommended only for professionals because it requires more advanced handy skills to install.

Mortise Lock Door Jamb Armor set has holes cut to fit mortise locks. Mortise locks are found in older or higher-end homes and in many extended-stay apartments. This piece can also be used for doors with locks that are spaced 4-1/2" or less apart.

Each set comes with one Jamb Shield and two Hinge Shields.

Can be used to fix a shattered, doorjamb or reinforce an existing or new door.

This set can be installed on an existing door, by most do-it-yourself, in under an hour - you do not need to remove the door.

Protects the lock side of your doorjamb and hinges, giving a basic entry door, with a wooden jamb, similar structural characteristics to a door with a steel jamb - at a fraction of the cost.

Simply repairing or replacing a shattered jamb can easily cost more than $500 and will likely be kicked in again.

Reinforcing all of your doors with Door Jamb Armor can cost less than repairing one without it.

Although these pieces are not visible with the door closed, they come with a durable white powder coating that you can paint to match your application.

Fits both left and right hand doors.

Component Descriptions

Jamb Shield a protective steel sleeve that easily slides around the lock side of the doorjamb to help prevent the doorjamb from splitting when kicked

At 48-inches long, the longer length of this piece spreads the force of a kick along the length of the supporting stud, making it much more difficult for the jamb to split when kicked

The Jamb Shield comes in several standard sizes that are designed to fit to fit common lock spacing

The Jamb Shield is secured to the stud using eight (8) 3-inch screws (included)

Hinge Shields protective steel sleeves that are designed to easily slide around the top and bottom hinges of your door

Reinforce the jamb on the hinge side of the door and helps prevent the hinges from splitting the jamb when the door is kicked

Each Door Jamb Armor set comes standard with two Hinge Shields, which should be installed on the top and bottom hinges