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Interior FIX-A-JAMB II White Item code #NA-FAJ-INT-20000

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2 – 249$22.80
250 +$22.80

New! We made easiest way to repair those bathroom and bedroom doorjambs that always get broken. No cutting is required.

Unsure if Armor Concepts product will fit your door? Take a look at Armor Concepts Door Measurement Guide.

Fix-A-Jamb Interior Kit Unpacking Video

Interior door jamb repair has never been easier. In about 10 minutes you can now repair the jamb that was broken because the kids were fighting or because someone locked themselves in the bathroom.

Unlike the original FIX-A-JAMB, the new FIX-A-JAMB II is L-shaped so you will not need to cut any nails in order to install them.

This is not a security product, simply the easiest way to repair a bedroom or bathroom door that has been damaged. The Interior FIX-A-JAMB piece is 24-inches long and will fit any interior doorjamb. The piece is powder coated white and will leave you with a clean, finished look. The piece can also be painted to match your jamb color.
Color: White
Length: 24 Inches
Jamb Thickness: Any
Door Thickness: 1-3/8 Inches
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