Door Jamb Armor VS Door Armor


Contractors vs Do-It-Yourselfers

Door Jamb Armor was designed for contractors. It is the most effective door security product ever created but it is difficult to install. If you read the history of how Door Jamb Armor was created, we were looking for the most effective solution, not necessarily the easiest. Door Armor (formerly EZ Armor) was designed for customers needing an effective solution that is not as difficult to install.

What do we recommend?

It depends on the situation but we recommend Door Armor for almost all door security and jamb repair applications. Door Armor has been thoroughly tested and has been both tested and recommended by police. Both Door Armor and Door Jamb Armor have stood up to battering rams in independent tests. Both Door Armor and Door Jamb Armor receive our Platinum Protection Designation because both have been tested and recommended by independent sources.

The Difference is in the design!

Door Jamb Armor pieces are more like sleeves that wrap around the door jamb where Door Armor pieces are plates that lay against it. This design makes Door Jamb Armor stronger. However, this added strength comes with a price. Door Jamb Armor requires that you remove your interior trim molding and cut the nails connecting the jamb to the stud for installation. This is why Door Jamb Armor is only recommended for professional contractors or those with advanced handy skills. Door Armor does not require removal of the trim, cutting of any nails or even removal of the locks to install. Anyone with minimal handy skills and a drill should be able to install Door Armor.

When and Why Would Door Jamb Armor be Recommended?

  • One benefit of Door Jamb Armor's wrapping design is the prevention of prying. The added rigidity helps prevent the jamb from bending when pried and shims added during installation help eliminate the space between the stud and jamb that makes prying possible. We recently introduced the Armor Pry Shield, which can be used with Door Armor for this purpose.

  • Wrapping design also allows you to repair almost any broken jamb, even in extreme cases when almost all of the wood is gone. This is why we recommend Door Jamb Armor for "extreme jamb repair".

    Installation Time

    Many can install Door Jamb Armor in about an hour. Typical installation time for EZ Armor is less than 30 minutes.

    What is the Real strength difference?

    Unlike competitors, we do not give bogus PSI (pounds per square inch) ratings for our products. Why, because it is useless information. We have never been able to test Door Jamb Armor or Door Armor to the point where anything other than the deadbolt breaks. A very large insurance company tested Door Jamb Armor several years ago and concluded that at 400 foot pounds of pressure,any of the deadbolts used would break, causing the completion of the test. The bottom line is that they were never able to get our product to fail. This is how we came to be featured on The Early Show. We could post that Door Jamb Armor can withstand more than 4,800 PSI of pressure (the value if we were to do a straight conversion) but that would be misleading. Foot Pounds is a measurement of work. PSI inch is a measurement of pressure. On a door that is 72 inches tall by 36 inches wide, how do you measure the pressure exerted on a single point? The answer is that you can't. That is why we know that PSI measurements used by our competitors are bogus. More information than you wanted but you cannot put a price on integrity.

    Bottom Line?

    So what does it all mean? Here is our recommendation to customers: If an intruder can kick on your door for an hour and none of your neighbors will call the police, or if you have a damaged jamb that seems to be completely beyond compare, then you may want to install Door Jamb Armor. For any other situation, Door Armor will be more than adequate.