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The Door Armor Max Combo Set provides the ultimate in protection. This kit comes complete with 1 Door Armor Jamb Shield, 2 Mini Door Shields and 2 Hinge Shields.  The patented design and 3-point protection system reinforces all of the potential weak points on your door and is backed by the legendary Door Armor $500 Lifetime Warranty against kick-ins. Door Armor is barely visible once installed.

The MAX Combo Set is the perfect combination of tough security and easy installation and is the product we recommend for most security and repair applications. Installation time: about 30 minutes.

What Comes in the Door Armor MAX Combo Set?

Door Armor has become the door security standard that all would-be competitors attempt to imitate but fall woefully short. The first Door Armor product was created more than 10 years ago because nothing else on the market actually worked. Even today, Door Armor is the only product to stand up to a battering ram in independent testing. Why is Door Armor so effective? Door Armor's patented design and 3-point protection system reinforces all of your doors weak points to make your door virtually impossible to kick-in.

The Legendary Door Armor Lifetime Warranty guarantees that if your door is ever kicked-in (after properly installing Door Armor MAX Combo Set), we will replace the product for free and pay up to $500 towards your homeowners insurance deductible.

Not only does the Door Armor MAX Combo Set provide href="">ultimate door security, it can be installed by just about anyone in under 30 minutes.

The Door Armor MAX Combo comes with (1) Door Armor Jamb Shield, (2) Hinge Shields and (2) Mini Door Shields. The Door Armor Jamb Shield is a 46" long piece that attaches to the lock side of the door jamb. The patented design insures that MAX protection requires minimal skill for installation. The Jamb Shield is cut with knock-out holes that are designed to fit locks spaced from 4.5" to 21.5" apart. The Door Armor Hinge Shields are L-Shaped pieces that install over the existing hinges so you will never have to alter or remove your door for installation.

The Mini Door Shields are essential for insuring that the door will not split when kicked. Mini Door Shields can be installed in less than 5 minutes and do not require removal of the locks.

Door Armor is made of galvanized steel. While galvanized steel is considerably more expensive than cold rolled steel, it has much better resistance to rusting. In addition, our heat-sealed powder coating process insures that Door Armor will look great for years to come.

The Door Armor MAX can also be used to repair the damage from an existing kick-in. A home that has been burglarized is 4X more likely to be burglarized again. The Door Armor Max Combo Set will help make sure that the bad guys don't get in a second time.

The Door Armor Combo Set receives our Platinum Protection designation because it has been tested and validated by independent sources.