Door Armor Double Side Light Reinforcement Kit Item code #EZA-DSL-10102

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Double side light door solution fits doors with side lights on both
sides of the door. This Double Side Light set fits doors with 1" thick jambs and any lock backset. This set comes with White Mini Door Shields, which can be installed without removing your locks.

Unsure if Armor Concepts product will fit your door? Take a look at Armor Concepts Door Measurement Guide.

Door Armor Double Sidelight Kit Unpacking Video

Our Double Side Light door application is designed for doors with side lights on both sides of the door.

Our side light solution for jamb protection is a 40-inch jamb shield that secures the lock area of the jamb with .  Since there is no stud to secure the jamb, the side light jamb shield screws back into the face of the jamb.  

Please note:  You will need to remove the trim along the top of the door in order to install this product.

The hinge side protection also helps secure the door to the top and bottom door frame.  Side light doors are secured to the frame with small nails so it is essential to secure the door to the frame.

Door Shield Color: White
Lock Spacing: 4.5" to 21.5"
Door Thickness: 1-3/4"
Lock Backset: Any