Warranty Lies

coupleOur competitors' warranties sound great but do they actually mean anything?

Many of our competitors offer warranties that lead you to believe that their products are effective at stopping kick-ins but read the fine print.

Not a single competitor warranties against the door being kicked in.

    They all warranty that the jamb will not split.
    They warranty against the jamb breaking because they know the door or the hinges will give if the jamb is reinforced.

    When the door splits, which it will, they do not see that as a failure.
    This is the only way that they can say that their product has never failed.

    We will not offer a warranty on any solution that is not fit for the purpose that it was intended or is designed to mislead customers.

    We will not offer a warranty on FIX-A-JAMB or the EZ Armor JAMB SHIELD because we know that they will not work (without door and hinge protection), if being used to prevent a kick-in.

    Regardless of how strong they can make the jamb, you will not be safe if your door and hinges can easily split.
    This is the difference between a company that is just trying to sell products and one that actually cares about its customers.