Replacement Door Armor Hinge Shield Item code #Door Armor Hinge Shields

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2 – 499$11.40
500 +$11.40

Replacement Door Armor Hinge Shield comes packaged with one Hinge
Shield and five screws. Designed to reinforce the hinge on an exterior
entry door.

Unsure if Armor Concepts product will fit your door? Take a look at Armor Concepts Door Measurement Guide.

Some customers purchase a competitive product and then find out,
the hard way, that the hinges are indeed a significant weak point on
your door.

We have received so many requests from customers that we have decided to
make hinge shields available separately. 

 It is rare to see
hinges get kicked in, until you reinforce the lock side of the jamb.
Proof that competitive products are not really designed to stop kick-ins
can be seen in the fact that they continue to ignore the hinges. 

 The Hinge Shields
are one of the things that set Door Jamb Armor apart when it comes to door security.

Fits both left and right hand doors.