Kick-Proof Doors

We’ve all seen
reports on the news of burglaries and violence that has ensued
because of them. Because of this, we know the importance of good
security. A standard house door can easily be kicked in by a robber
when they’re attempting to enter. As a matter-of-fact, the comedian
Dane Cook coined the phrase “B&E” when referencing breaking
and entering: his method of entry? He kicked the door in as described
in his “B&E” story on his comedy CD. Considering millions of
impressionable kids are exposed to Dane’s comedy yearly, it may be
time to get some kick-proof doors.

Kick-proof doors come
from a few manufacturers but all will possess the same traits of
quality and security. A good kick-proof door is going to be
reinforced with galvanized steel. A great kick-proof door will have a
locking mechanism that uses long, heavy deadbolts to secure into the
wall. Some kick-proof doors even have special hinges which make them
sturdier than most other kick-proof doors. Of course there is only
one test for a kick-proof door, and that’s to try kicking it in.
Some places that offer kick-proof doors will have an example set up
for you to try kicking in yourself.