Armor Concepts Products FAQs

Have questions about Armor Concepts security solutions and products? Read below for our frequently asked questions on the product, installation and more.

Products FAQs

What is the difference between Door Jamb Armor and EZ Armor?

Door Jamb Armor was developed more for professionals than for do-it-yourselfers.Door Jamb Armor therefore requires more advanced handy skills to install. EZ Armor was designed with the casual do-it-yourselfer in mind. It does not require trim removal or nail cutting and typical installation time is less than 30 minutes. Click here to find out more about the differences between EZ Armor and Door Jamb Armor

Why are Armor Concepts solutions different than other products on the market?

Our products were designed by an engineer and were made to be a solution and not a patch. Only our solutions reinforce all of the key weak points on a door (Jamb, Lock Area and Hinges). If one of those points is not reinforced, the door can still be kicked in. We make our products out of galvanized steel and powder coat them because cold rolled steel will rust and paint is not durable enough. In short, our products work where others fail.

Do your products work on doors with side lights?

Yes! These doors are much different than standard doors and have given our engineers fits. However, after a lot of testing, we have finally developed a set of products for these doors. We also have an EZ Armor version available for doors with only one side light. Click here to view our side light door products >

Do your products work on double doors?

Yes! These doors are much different than standard doors and have given our engineers fits. However, we have finally developed a set of products for these doors. Click here to view our double door products >

Are the door shields really necessary?

YES! We promise that if you use the Jamb Shield without the Door Shields your deadbolt will split your door if your door is kicked! Please understand that your "steel" door is really two thin pieces of steel wrapped around a Styrofoam core. Without the Door Shields, do not expect your door to withstand more than a few well-placed kicks before splitting. Click here to learn more about door reinforcement >

Are the hinge shields really necessary?

YES! We never thought about protecting our hinges until after we had developed the Jamb Shield and people began kicking our hinges in. We have had numerous customers purchase our product only to call us back and tell us that they had their hinges kicked in because they did not feel like using the hinge shields. If the pieces were not absolutely necessary, we would save you the time and money and simply not make them. We only include two shields because test showed that when two hinges are secured, the third will not move. Click here to learn more about Total Door Security >

Why is jam shield so long?

Physics! Making the piece longer allows us to make the piece with thinner metal, which means that you do not have to chisel or cut your jamb to install it. Also, the longer piece actually redistributes the force of a kick throughout the length of the stud, which is why it is so effective.

Why doesn't jamb shield go full length?

Because it isn't necessary and would cost a lot more. After a lot of testing, we determined that a piece longer than 48 inches was no more effective. Also, doors come in many different sizes, which would create more issues, and shipping a 72" piece of steel would be a nightmare. All of this would add up to a significantly higher cost for you.

Is the standard door shield stronger than the low profile?

No. The most important part of the door shield is the piece that runs along the edge of the door. This is where the door will split when it is kicked. The low profile protects this area in the same way the standard piece does.

Do your products only come in white?

Yes...and No. Our Jamb and Hinge Shields only come in white but all of the pieces can be painted. Since most jambs are white, this is not a problem for most users. Our Low Profile and Ultra door shields come in aged bronze and satin nickel finishes.

Installation FAQs

What is the recommended clearance for Armor Concept products?

1/8" on the lock side and 1/16" on the hinge side. If you don't have the necessary clearance, check to make sure you installed the hinge shields and screwed them in as tight as possible. This will help relive more space on the lock side. When installing the jamb shield, make sure the shield is screwed in as tight as possible along with the door shields. Worse case scenario will be to shave down a little on the frame so the jamb shield will be more flush. Note: After some installations the door might be harder to close, this is normal, the door will be easier to close after sometime has past and the kit can settle better on the door.

Do I need to remove my door to install this? Can I really install this myself?

No. You do not need to remove your door...And Yes. You really can install this yourself.  EZ Armor can be installed by most people in under 30 minutes.  Please view our installation video and if you still do not feel comfortable with installation, we can help you find an installer in your area (see next topic).

I'm not handy – I really don't want to install this myself – can I have this installed?

Yes. We have established relationships with Mr. Handyman, Service Magic and other contractors nationwide that can install our products for you. Installation for a basic Door Jamb Armor combo set will cost $100.00 to $150.00 depending on the area and driving distance. Again, if installation is a concern, you may want to try EZ Armor.

My jamb is thicker than ¾”, will your solutions work?

Door Jamb Armor will not fit doors thicker than ¾”, however, EZ Armor will also fit jambs of any thickness. Homes built before 1950 were often made with thicker jambs. If your home was built before 1950, you may want to seriously consider EZ Armor.