Exterior FIX-A-JAMB I Original Model Item code #FAJ-EXT-10000-BP

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Our Original Exterior FIX-A-JAMB.  Unlike the new FIX-A-JAMB II, this model is a sleeve that wraps around the jamb.  It is well suited to repair badly damaged jambs and is still a favorite among some carpenters.

In order to install this product, you must remove the trim molding and cut the nails that secure the jamb to the stud.  We recommend that only more experienced handy-people purchase this product.


If you just want to repair damage from a kick-in as quick as possible, then FIX-A-JAMB is for you. Our original Exterior FIX-A-JAMB I piece is a 36-inch long sleeve that easily slides over a damaged jamb and can be installed in about 20 minutes.

Unlike the FIX-A-JAMB I, this version wraps around the jamb so it is better for repairing badly damaged jambs but require removal of the trim and cutting of nails for installation.

FIX-A-JAMB I is made of steel and is a permanent fix, however these pieces are not designed to stop a future kick-in. If security is a concern, order Door Jamb Armor.

The Exterior FIX-A-JAMB I piece is 36 inches long and will fit doors with locks that are spaced from 4 to 21 inches apart.