Door Protection


You can't argue the laws of physics

The weakest part of any structure will break when enough pressure is applied. This same principal applies to a door. We are often asked if our Door Shields are really necessary, especially when using a steel door. This picture shows what what 3 or 4 good kicks will do to your door when only the jamb has been reinforced. If you do not use door protection your door will split if it is kick hard enough This is not an opinion, it is a fact.

How do we know that the competition is less than honest in their claims?

Every test that we have ever conducted has produced similar results. How is it that our competition claims that their products have never failed? Simple, their warranty only covers the jamb not breaking. If your door splits and you are robbed, they simply ignore the claim because their products only warranty against jamb failure. Their claims are very easy to make because they know that an unprotected door will split long before a protected jamb.

"I purchased a Door Security Pro because they came up in a search. Just like you said, someone kicked my door and it split right where the locks are. The company said that they are not responsible because the jamb did not fail. It is really comforting right now to know that I have a strong jamb when my house was just robbed. I am purchasing your product to put on my NEW DOOR. I looked at your facebook page and saw some of the photos. It looks like those doors stood up to a lot more than mine did" - NOT HAPPY, NY

This is the difference between a company that truly cares about its customers and others that just want to sell a product.