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Finally - Protection for interior doors secured with a deadbolt!  The Door Armor Dormitory Jamb Shield was designed to fit doors that are 1-3/8" thick.
 While most doors this size are hollow, the Door Armor Dormitory Jamb Shield was designed with college dormitory suite doors in mind. These doors and some doors on older homes are solid and require additional protection.   
The Door Armor Dormitory Jamb Shield is the perfect product for most interior security and repair applications.


We heard your suggestions, we took notes of your concerns. Now, you can get real interior door protection with the Door Armor Dormitory Jamb Shield!

Armor Dormitory Jamb shield is a 40" long jamb shield that goes onto a
1-3/8" thick interior frame. This piece will both repair and secure your

Please note:  Many interior doors are hollow.  This
product was made for college dormitory doors, which often separate
suites and are secured by a deadbolt.  If your doors are solid, these
Jamb Shields will provide additional protection.  If your doors are
hollow, nothing you do will provide adequate protection from a kick-in.  

pieces receive our silver protection designation and are not covered
under the Door Armor Lifetime Warranty due to the inherent weakness in
many 1-3/8" doors.